Fill-a-Pita @ Shenton Way

Since opening in April 2013, Fill-a-Pita has been making waves in Singapore’s vegesphere. Serving up a select range of Middle Eastern vegetarian dishes (such as falafel pita, fava bean pita, hummus, tabbouleh, and the ever-popular koshari rice) at incredibly reasonable prices (given the location), it has piqued the palates of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Located just around the corner from Asia Square (across the road from SGX Centre), its stylish and well-designed signage provides a clear identity that is hard to miss.

Proprietor Hassan is the driving force behind the success of F-A-P. Originally from Egypt, he is welcoming, charming and helpful. Happy to provide recommendations (and free samples) if necessary, his customer-focus is unparalleled. If for nothing else, it’s worth a visit just to experience his great energy!

#01-02 Shenton House, 3 Shenton Way
9835 1446
Open 08:00-15:00 Monday-Friday; 12:30-14:30 Saturday; CLOSED Sunday

FALAFEL PITA (SGD 5.50 for small/2 falafels)

The first thing you notice when picking up this little gem is how delightfully warm it is – a mark of freshness if ever there was one. Its ingredients are minimal – falafels, lettuce, tomato and tahini encased in wholemeal pitta – but work together beautifully. The falafels are relatively large (they are shaped like patties rather than balls) and gently spiced – just enough to leave a pleasant tingle on the tongue. The tahini has a rich, clean and lemony flavour that balances the spice of the falafel well. The salad is fresh and crunchy, the pitta thick and fluffy. It is, in a word (or two), flavour-full. You can opt to have it with chilli sauce if you want, but it really isn’t needed.

Verdict: 9.1/10

Fantastically tasty food at an excellent price; Fill-a-Pita is a must-try. The service is also impeccable. Go once, and I am sure you will want to go again. And again. And probably again!

Atmosphere: 7.2/10
Service: 10/10
Taste: 9.1/10
Value: 8.8/10

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5 thoughts on “Fill-a-Pita @ Shenton Way

  1. Hi Orlando, and thanks for the great review. Truly glad to read that you enjoyed your first visit to our simple Pitaria. Hope to see you back again to try out rest of our (fairly small) menu. Our koshari rice dish is served every Thursday and Friday.

    All Best, Hassan (owner / manager).


    1. A pleasure, Hassan! I’ve actually been a few times (before this site was up and running), and am a huge fan of the fava bean pita (probably my favourite) and the labna.

      Will be back soon to review! Promise.



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