Bao Today @ Rendezvous Hotel

Bao Today @ Rendezvous Hotel is a (relatively) newly opened branch of the flagship outlet in Marina Square. The newness is reflected in the decor. Framed bamboo dim sum steamers provide a simple and effective design motif, whilst shiny modern furniture and fittings, and sensitive lighting help set the mood. It’s all rather pleasant, if functional.

As the name suggests, Bao Today focusses on dim sum. Apart from the sweet bao’s and other desserts on offer, the savoury vegetarian options are practically nil (besides Pan Fried Carrot Cake). In the spirit of exploration, we did order what appeared to be a safe bet – the Mushroom Crystal Dumpling – only to find it packed full of chicken. Entirely our fault for not checkin’ (sorry), but it’s a shame that Bao Today don’t offer at least one bao or dumpling dish for vegetarians to enjoy.

Bao Today
Rendezvous Grand Hotel, 9 Bras Basah Road, #01-02
6336 5258
Open 08:00-22:00 daily

SESAME SKIN BAO (SGD 3.20 for 2 bao)

Sesame is a fantastic flavour, and can be used to complement – and moderate – both sweet and savoury dishes. In much Chinese cooking, sesame is associated with sweetness. Getting the right balance between sweetness and sesame-ness is difficult, and this bao falls short of the mark. The sweetness is excessive, the sesame-ness residual. The filling is too runny, and uncontrollably drips out of the bun as soon as you bite into it (I lost about half of mine to the table…). They are also relatively small, and the skin is too dense. Perhaps I’m greedy, but I like the filling to fill the bun. These are full of air, and really not worth the price.

Verdict: 3.9/10

Bao Today is a bit of a sterile experience. Perhaps this is to be expected, given its location in an hotel arcade. For vegetarians the menu options are severely limited, and generally below par. Overall, there’s not much to get excited about. 

Atmosphere: 6.9/10
Service: 5.5/10
Taste: 3.9/10
Value: 3.7/10

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