Inter @ Siam Square

Located directly behind Siam Square Tower 1 (on the opposite side of the road to Siam Paragon), Inter is wedged between two Soi’s that provide a constant source of custom. Occupying two floors, the interior is light and airy thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows at both the front and back of the restaurant. It has been around since 1981, and by now is so established that it even produces its own bottled water! Nice.

Inter is very popular with locals, and is run by an attentive team of (mostly Thai-speaking) staff. It buzzes with the clockwork efficiency of a well-run eatery. Woks crackle in the background, orders are taken and dispatched, and laughter and chatter surrounds you. The vibes are pleasant, and the food is good.

Whilst the selection of ‘vegetable’ dishes is fairly expansive, most of them contain some sort of meat (e.g. stir fried kale with crispy pork). Despair not, however, as the International Vegetarian Union (IVU) passport will help you get what you want. Save the picture on the right to your mobile phone and show it to the waiter or waitress before ordering. Et voila, you now have the power to order a meat-free version of pretty much any dish on the menu.

Inter Restaurant
432/1-2 Siam Square Soi 9
Open 11:00-21:30 daily


A good-tasting curry that was bursting with vegetables (I like to think this is because we asked them to omit the meat…). The cabbage, baby and pea eggplants, snow peas, red chillies, french beans and mushrooms all had a nice crunch to them. It was, however, the baby corn that really stood out – mainly for its delicious sweetness that helped counterbalance the chilli. Much of the flavour came from the freshly ground herbs and spices (which you could both see, and taste), although the kaffir lime was a little too subordinate for my liking.

Verdict: 7.3/10


Fantastic wok hei smell and taste that really stimulated the palate. The flavours were strong and citrusy, although the (over?) use of sweet chilli sauce made the noodles seem slightly wetter and oilier than usual. Nonetheless, they retained a pleasantly firm texture that blended nicely with the diced tofu and egg. Very satisfying.

Verdict: 7.6/10

Inter provides mid-market Thai food that is popular amongst locals. It’s a well-oiled machine: the staff are professional and efficient, and the food is cooked fresh and to a good standard. A go-to place whenever you’re in or around Siam Square. 

Atmosphere: 6.9/10
Service: 7.0/10
Taste: 7.5/10
Value: 6.8/10

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