SoyGood @ Circuit Road

My SoyGood experience started on a SoyBad note. Whilst thoughtfully perusing the (humongous) menu to see what would best sate my appetite for soy sweetness, I was barked at by a bloke sitting at one of the tables by the counter. “THISONESOYONLY” he snapped, looking like he wanted to punch me. Really? Based on the signage alone, I never would have guessed.

Turns out my informant was the SoyGood server, and was clearly having a bad day.

Impropriety aside, SoyGood provides “vegetarian soy beancurd” (no joke) in every flavour you could possibly imagine. It also provides soy milk. Basically, anything soy-based and sweet. Yes, sweet. Unlike the service!

Block 79, Circuit Road, #01-49/50
9397 5522
Open daily

RED BEAN BEANCURD (SGD 1.50 hot; SGD 2.00 cold)

After the pre-ordering pleasantries hurled my way, I was delighted to tuck into a watery and rather dismal tub of beancurd. Seriously, I was delighted. The beancurd lacked any sort of structure, and disintegrated after a couple of gentle prods with the spoon. The flavour was one of watered-down sweetness. The red beans were cold, hard and generally flavourless. After one or two mouthfuls, it looked and tasted like a tub of sludge. The only redeeming features were the size of the tub, and the generous serving of beans. Makes sense, as I can’t see this place getting much repeat custom.

Verdict: 1.9/10

An unpleasant experience on multiple accounts, I can’t help but feel that I caught SoyGood on a bad day. At least, I hope that’s the case. A massive menu with plenty of intriguing flavours to try, the only problem is that I have absolutely no desire to go back. 

Atmosphere: 2.9/10
Service: 1.5/10
Taste: 1.9/10
Value: 5.1/10


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