llaollao @ Plaza Singapura

Following the footsteps of Sogurt, Frolick, Yami, Red Mango and the like, llaollao is the latest passenger to jump aboard Singapore’s frozen yoghurt bandwagon. One of the key strengths of the llaollao franchise is its powerful branding, clear visual identity (fluorescent green and white colour scheme, and clean design elements), and a fortuitous name that sounds a lot like “lai lai” (“come, come” in Chinese). Special mention goes to the spoons, which are the personification of aquiline elegance.

llaollao serves frozen yoghurt, smoothies, and yoghurt-infused smoothies. Exciting, I know. For the yog, you can either choose one of the pre-defined flavour combos (with a strangely ambiguous name: “Sanum”), or the DIY yoghurt and toppings option. The toppings are the usual assortment of crunchy stuff, fruity stuff, and saucy stuff. Branding aside, it’s pretty much the same as every other frozen yoghurt place in Singapore.

The Plaza Singapura branch opened yesterday (October 6th); the queue was long, but less intimidating than those at the larger 313 Somerset outlet. Of course, queue length is far and away the best barometer of quality in Singapore. Got queue, must join!

01-22A Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road
Open daily

YOGHURT + TOPPING (SGD 5.90 for 3 toppings)

SGD 5.90 bought me a medium-sized tub of yoghurt and three toppings. I chose muesli with chocolate, blueberries, and some sort of candy sauce (although my request was misheard and I got mango sauce instead). The toppings were of a pitiful quantity – a sprinkle of muesli (no real chocolate to be seen, let alone taste), three or four blueberries, and a drizzle of saccharine sweet mango goo. The yoghurt was nice and tart, but was dispensed in such a way that there was a gaping hole in the middle of the tub. What I received was probably worth about 50% of what I paid.

Verdict: 5.1/10

Teething problems aside, llaollao is a unique brand that offers an unremarkable product. Not that this really matters, for it will undoubtedly continue to attract large crowds. For me, however, the spoon turned out to be the most interesting thing about this place. 

Atmosphere: 6.0/10
Service: 5.7/10
Taste: 5.1/10
Value: 5.0/10


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