Paneer butter masala @ M.B.S. Restaurant

It is no secret that M.B.S. Restaurant is one of my favourite eateries in Little India, if not Singapore. It’s popular and nicely plugged-in to the world around it. The street-side (or road-side) seating ensures that the energy of the surroundings is ever-present, not least in the food itself. In the food? Yes, in the food: the main reason to keep coming back here. It’s rich and spicy, full of life and pizzazz. And whilst M.B.S. is probably best known for its seafood, it has an all-star list of Indian vegetarian staples on the menu as well (not to mention a full complement of starchy stuff). Last week I had the pleasure of savouring the jewel in M.B.S.’s vegetarian crown – the paneer butter masala.

Paneer butter masala

The paneer butter masala (SGD 8.00) was – and always is – sublime. It’s smooth and creamy and mouth-wateringly tasty. The sauce is a perfect-yet-simple blend of mellow sweetness and energetic pepperiness – enough sweetness to draw you in, but then enough pepperiness to give the flavours depth and charisma. The intensely aromatic taste of cardamon provides occasional moments of reprieve from the tangy richness of the sauce, whilst perfectly seared chunks of paneer provide a stomach-swelling sense of completeness. A nice visual touch is the little dollop of ghee that sits on the surface of the curry, along with the coriander. Combined with the deep red of the sauce, they provide an alluring juxtaposition of the blanketing richness of fat and the refreshing citrussiness of herbs. Simply wonderful. One of the most soulful curries I have ever eaten in Singapore, without a doubt.

In memoriam

M.B.S. Restaurant
53 Rowell Road (at the junction of Kampong Kapor Road)
6294 9313
Open 24 hours daily

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