Your Little Brown Bag @ Lau Pa Sat

I haven’t been to Lau Pa Sat for a long time, not since writing about the delicious Thunder Tea Rice that can be found there. M and I went yesterday after being disappointed by the veggie options available at the nearby Golden Shoe Food Centre. Shu Vegetarian looked greasy and a bit too heavy going for a Tuesday luncheon, The Salad Corner a little insipid and unsatisfying and, surprisingly, My Vegetarian Way had closed down (as of 9th December, according to Hungry AM). So LPS it was. Not wanting to eat Indian food (which seems to be gloriously over-represented at LPS – nice for a change), we settled for sandwiches from Your Little Brown Bag.

Your Little Brown Bag @ Lau Pa Sat

Your Little Brown Bag is a curiously nondescript sort of place. Beyond the generic press releases announcing the arrival of “new” stalls at LPS, there is little more to shape YLBB’s digital footprint. No website, Facebook page or Twitter feed, no blog reviews, not even any feedback on the community platforms like Open Rice. Nada. So I hope this post goes some way to raising the profile of this rather promising little sandwich shop. Not least because out of the eight sandwich options available, no less than four of them (that’s 50% folks) are vegetarian (egg mayo, zucchini, brinjal and potato patty). Don’t believe me? Just have a look at the menu below.

Your Little Brown Bag’s menu

Amazing, no? Certainly unprecedented. For me at least, this is the future of vegetarian dining. The 100% pure vegetarian business model is notoriously difficult to execute – it’s all about finding a middle ground that alienates neither enlightened vege’s nor ignorant omni’s. And it’s for this reason if nothing else that everyone should give this place a try. Everyone.

Zucchini vegetarian sandwich

The zucchini vegetarian sandwich (SGD 5.50) had me flummoxed from the first bite. I had forgotten that it was meant to be zucchini (also known as courgette) inside, and immediately thought they were large wedges of gherkin (also known as pickles) instead. Thankfully my confusion was only shared with M, who kindly reminded me it was zucchini. But in itself this reveals just how powerfully sour the vinaigrette, and just how flavourless the zucchini were. If it was a blind taste test, I would have said it was a Big Mac without the patty, such was the abundance of mayonnaise, shredded lettuce and crunchy, vinegary zucchini. It also came with a little tomato and a few sliced mushrooms wedged in between a rather tasty grilled focaccia. Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite liked this thing, but struggled to get the Big Mac association out of my head after the first bite. Possible evidence that YLBB takes the whole “middle ground” thing a little too far? Quite possibly, yes.

Potato patty vegetarian sandwich

If the zucchini sandwich packed a very sour punch, the potato patty vegetarian sandwich (SGD 5.50) struggled to pack any punch at all. Much of the flavour came from the grilled focaccia (again, delicious), whilst the filling did exactly that – it filled space. The potato patty (more like a croquette, nevermind) could have done with some liberal seasoning, whilst its bedfellows – shred upon shred of crisp lettuce – could have done with some company. That said, both sandwiches were large and well-priced, and sparked my curiosity to know what the brinjal and egg mayo options are like. Judging by these two fella’s, they could be a little deviant.

Your Little Brown Bag
Stall 41, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market, 18 Raffles Quay
8299 5159
Open 07.30-20.30 Monday-Friday; CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

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