Hokkien mee @ Fo Xin Vegetarian Food

For those of you who read this blog on a semi-regular – or at least a semi-consistent – basis, you will know that last weekend I trundled over to Fo Xin Vegetarian Food with the full intention of trying their Hokkien mee. Supply chain constraints did, however, deny me such a pleasure. I ended up having the crispy noodle, which was a bit rubbish. Not one to give up on my culinary cravings that easily, I tried again last weekend, this time with my talis(wo)man – M – in tow. The charm worked, the Hokkien mee was served, and the official tasting began. And the outcome? Read on, dear reader(s); read on.

FullSizeRender (12)
Hokkien mee

Despite all the self-imposed hype, the Hokkien mee (SGD 3.50) was served chock-full of disappointment. It was like a less crispy, more rubbery version of the crispy noodle I punished myself with a week earlier. Bland and watery flavours, and very, very little to get excited about. M enlivened hers with belacan and pickled chillies, whilst I resigned myself to my rather insipid culinary fate. Every mouthful was mush, every ingredient seeped into the next. There was nothing distinctive, nothing remotely interesting about this dish. A case of mastication over matter if ever there was one!

Disappointing. But then again, perhaps this explains why the lor mee and kway chap and other such vinegaried delights are so popular at Fo Xin. Why? Because they come imbued with some sort of – any sort of – flavour. Eureka!

Next time. If indeed there is a next time.

Fo Xin Vegetarian Food
#01-75, Bendemeer Market and Food Centre, Block 31 Bendemeer Road
Open 10:00-19:00 Tuesday-Sunday

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